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Tricking is complicated.
The trickedex gives you the tools
to make sense of it in one place

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Discover the Secrets of Tricking Theory

We believe that understanding the theory behind tricking is key to becoming a great tricker. That's why we've made it easy for you to access a wealth of information about the discipline, including comprehensive tutorials and in-depth explanations. With the Trickedex, you'll be able to take your tricking skills to the next level in no time!

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See Tricks Come to Life with 3D

Tricking has never been more exciting, thanks to the Trickedex's innovative 3D library of motion-captured tricks. Explore each move in detail, and see exactly how the pros do it. With our cutting-edge technology, you'll be able to gain a whole new perspective on tricking and take your own skills to new heights.







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Track Your Tricking Progress with Ease

At the Trickedex, we're committed to helping trickers of all levels reach their full potential. That's why we've created a comprehensive set of tools for tracking your progress, including detailed user profile pages and easy-to-use performance metrics. Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned tricker, the Trickedex is the perfect way to stay motivated and reach new heights in your tricking journey.

Join a Community of Tricking Enthusiasts

The Trickedex isn't just a database of tricks and tutorials - it's also a vibrant community of like-minded trickers from around the world. Follow your friends, connect with new trickers, and be a part of something special. With our social media platform, you can share your tricks, give and receive feedback, and be a part of a supportive and encouraging community of trickers.