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What Is Tricking

The common answer:

it's a combination of kicks,flips, and twist taken from the disciplines of Marial Arts, Breakdancing, and Gymnastics.

The Real Answer:

Tricking is whatever you want it to be.

It's a:

creative outlet

form of self-expression

means of self-improvement.

way to push the limits of the human body

way to push the limits of the human mind

way to connect with others and yourself.

way to have fun and purpose.

way to live.

Here we will focus on the physical aspect of the tricking moveset. Breaking down the movements into their most basic components, and then building them back up into a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics behind each trick.

The theory gives us the tools to truly begin to explore the rich world Tricking has to offer.

While this site offers a thorough understanding of the movements of tricking, the true depth and nuances of this discipline can only be grasped through personal experience and practice. This site is not a substitute for training, but rather a supplement to it.